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Novarg/MyDooM: total damage increases

Date: March 06, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Economic losses in January 2004 are estimated to be in the range of $2,3 to $2,9 billion from all attacks of malware and numerous software vulnerabilities, including latent (not announced) hackers attacks.

Is it only the beginning?

Having summarized all "digital" risks suffered by computer systems last month (spam, computer fraud, malware spreading, DDOS attacks) we get a mint of money. Total economic damage for January 2004 was from $63,4 to $77,5 billion. This fact makes last month the worst month ever in the history of computer technologies in the digital risks effects sense.

Such estimations may be approximate and rough, but still total damage leads one to think hard about the future of the Net and encourage countries and companies to take new measures on fighting computer and cyber crimes.

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