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The e-Crime Congress 2006. March 30 & 31 2006.

Date: February 06, 2006
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

The e-Crime Congress 2006 will seek to challenge conventional attitudes on e-Crime and examine how business, government and law enforcement can continue to work together in order to tackle a threat that undermines public confidence in the Internet as a viable and secure commercial medium for the future.

Agenda and Speakers

It is critical that the Congress delivers the latest thinking and solutions to combat e-Crime; the agenda we believe reflects this. By providing fresh and innovative views on how to tackle e-Crime we will seek to deliver alternative solutions to e-Crime problems we continue to face. Speakers confirmed include:

Ian Angell, Director of the Research Centre for the Study of Computer Security, London School of Economics
Brian Collins, Head of Department of Information Systems, Cranfield University
Jim Gamble, Deputy Director General, National Crime Squad
Tarique Ghaffur, Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police Service
Garreth Griffith, Head of Trust &Safety, eBay
Walter Hansen, Vice President Global Security &Risk Services, MasterCard International
Dan Hubbard, Senior Director, Security and Technology Research, Websense
Keith Mularski, National Cyber Forensics &Training Alliance (NCFTA), FBI
Jim Norton, Senior Policy Adviser, Institute of Directors
Alan Paller, Founder and Director of Research, The SANS Institute
Robin Pembrooke, Director, European Operations, Yahoo
Graeme Pinkney, Head of Threat Intelligence, EMEA, Symantec
Kurt Sauer, Director of Security Operations, Skype
Group Captain Ted Scapelhorn OBE BA MMar RAF, Provost Marshal, Royal Air Force
Joseph Sirosh, Vice President for Transaction Risk Management, Amazon
Alex Tew, Creator, The Million Dollar Home Page
Joseph Sirosh, Vice President for Transaction Risk Management, Amazon
Raymond Velez, Corporate Asset Protection/Compliance Officer, Eli Lilly Asia, Inc. Thailand Branch
Rob Watt, UK Liaison Bureau, Europol
Kevin Zuccato, Director, Australian High Tech Crime Centre

Learning from examples of successful law-enforcement operations and the suggestions made by delegates in 2005, the congress will seek to explore a number of key issues through the following structured themes: State of the Nation - Identity Theft - The Shadow Economy & Counterfeit Networks - Selling Security to the Board - Crisis Management & Information Infrastructure - Intelligence Gathering &Forensics - Law Enforcement Round Table - New Technologies – New Threats

This is an annual event now in its 4th year
We shall welcome over 500 international attendees in 2006. Networking with your peers from other sectors can provide you with valuable information & intelligence on how they are dealing with similar e-crime issues that you face or have identified. Delegate job functions include; Heads of Risk ▪ Group Information Security ▪ Director of Security ▪ IT Security &Audit ▪ IT Forensics ▪ Fraud Investigations ▪ Global Security Operations ▪ COO ▪ CTO ▪ Financial Crime ▪ Computer Audit ▪ e-Risk

The range of business sectors represented is vast and varied, to include; Banking ▪ Finance ▪ Insurance ▪ Communications ▪Telco's ▪ ISPs ▪ Construction ▪Agriculture ▪ Mining ▪ Consultancy ▪ IT Consultancy ▪ Education ▪ Local Government ▪ Health ▪ Pharmaceuticals ▪ IT ▪ Law Enforcement ▪ Legal Practices ▪ Manufacturing ▪ Engineering ▪ Media ▪ Entertainment ▪ Military/Defence ▪ Professional Services ▪ Regulation / Policy / Standards ▪ Retail ▪ Wholesale ▪ Training ▪ Transport ▪ Travel ▪ Central Government ▪ Utilities.

New! We will be introducing a live voting system for Q &A. This has been trialled at another AKJ event and feedback has been really positive so we will be expanding its use in the 2006 e-Crime Congress. The voting system will allow delegates to instantaneously provide feedback and to answer questions thrown open to the floor. Interaction can be anonymous and the results of any sessions can be posted in real time. This is a great tool for understanding current thinking from the people who are at the coalface!

New! The format of the event over the two days will be a mix of plenary sessions &education seminars. The seminars will give delegates the opportunity to hear how IT security issues &concerns have been successfully dealt with using technology or services. Examples from corporate organisations will detail specific problems they have faced and how a structured approach to solving them has led to an effective outcome solution. There will be four seminars each day that delegates can choose to attend.

Please contact Howard James. AKJ Associates. + 44 (0) 207 430 1486 email: howard.james at

Visit official E-Crime 2006 congress page for additional information.

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