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Discussion : Gates says cyberterrorism could cripple U.S. economy

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2005-09-17 13:25:12 -
Your blog is realy very interesting.

2005-03-17 12:20:37 - Alex
It can really be a mass-destruction war. Imagine a nuclear reactor with cooling shut down (Chernobyl will give a nice example, or power shut-down at LGA or some other major airport in a stormy weather. Switching traffic lights to green can also be quite nice. Just power cut alone at almost any industrial facility could possibly provide quite an environmental disaster. OK, most people don't give a damn about the environment, but quite some people who live in this 'environment' would surely die in some unpleasant way.
The obvious answer to such threat would be cutting at least the power grid from the Internet (anyhow there is no valid reason to have internet connections there).
Speaking about divine matters...
OK, God promised something top us (or maybe to Mr. President personally, and not the rest of us), but Allah promised much more to THEM. Prayers rarely help against explosions. Think about that.

2004-12-21 01:47:43 -
Mass destruction? What is going to be destroyed? How many poeple is going to die?

2004-12-16 19:52:52 - fridge
It's just a shame that your dad didn't use any of his "Hi tec airo space Military defense" knowledge to teach you how to spell....... or to write for that matter.

2004-12-12 00:23:08 - jeff
The Bible Has told US in advance of the future; No weapon formed against us will prosper; another y-2k skare' ITS wisdom that delievers a city ;
Cars ware out , so do compter ; buy an new one ;Iwas rasied in a home with Hi tec airo space Military defense dad ; we design ships to the moon and back ; Christians should not fear it; God has promised us his own protection ; Amen God Bless.

Total 5 comments
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