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University computer hacked by a student

Date: November 05, 2007

A hacker has gained access to the information of more than 160 UC Davis students, putting the financial records of those students at risk.

A person under suspicion tonight is a student and has already left the university, but they could have access to student information dating back to the start of the school year.

The concern is that once the security was breached, this hacker could have gotten information to credit card information and PIN numbers.

"I haven't heard about this but it's pretty scary," said a student. "I wonder if it affects students who don't live in residence halls?"

The roughly 170 people affected live in one particular residence hall on campus but they officials will not say which one. They are only saying that those residents got an e-mail to their student account alerting them to the threat.

Most students we talked to had not heard of the hacking or checked their school e-mail accounts recently.
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