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Online threats coming with Internet

Date: November 05, 2007

Like many Americans inextricably wired into the Internet age, Greg Abbott has an e-mail account he wishes wasn't constantly bombarded with spam, personal financial information he hopes won't be hacked by strangers and a school-age daughter he wants to protect when she ventures onto the World Wide Web.

Unlike nearly every other American, however, Abbott actually has the power to do something about all of that. As the attorney general of Texas for the last five years, Abbott has nailed so many spammers, Internet sexual predators and information bandits that he's now acknowledged as a national leader in the fight against cyber crime.

Among the notches on Abbott's belt: 22 convicted sex offenders arrested for illegally posting profiles on the social networking site; 100 sex offenders arrested for failing to register with law-enforcement authorities and more than 300 child sexual predators and child pornographers caught using the Internet to further their schemes.

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