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Program trains cybercrime fighters

Date: October 05, 2004
Source: TheDAILY
By: Christina Asavareungcha

The UW, Highline Community College (HCC) and Seattle University are teaming up to offer a joint computer forensics program, aided by a $270,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

After completing the 12 to 18 month program, students will earn a certificate in the newly emerging field of computer forensics.

This will help address the national shortage of computer forensic specialists needed in law enforcement, law and consulting firms, private corporations and universities. Computer forensic specialists can demand a six-figure income, and the demand for such professionals is growing, said Dave Dittrich, program co-founder and UW researcher.

"As more and more crimes occur involving computers, more and more people skilled in dealing with these crimes are necessary," said Dittrich.

Computer crimes endanger businesses and even national security as they've increased in sophistication, according to Dittrich.

To combat cybercrime, computer forensic experts fight back against hacking, spam and computer viruses through cybersleuthing and evidence-gathering. Their work often aids in criminal investigations, supports lawsuits and prevents future attacks.

Amelia Phillips, program co-founder and HCC faculty member, began teaching computer forensics while working at Spokane Falls Community College.

"Both the police force and Fairchild Air Force Base needed training for computer and network forensics/security," she said.

When Phillips moved to Seattle, the UW, HCC and Seattle University were just considering starting a program. Since then, plans have developed quickly as the colleges collaborated.

The program will offer six classes, covering topics such as investigation procedures, computer security and computer search and seizure laws. Hands-on experience will be emphasized.

"What makes our proposal unique is the goal of using real, live compromised system images," said Dittrich.

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