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Conway creates cyber crime unit

Date: June 05, 2008
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Stephenie Steitzer

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Attorney General Jack Conway today announced the creation of a new division in his office to investigate cyber crimes such as identity theft and predators trying to harm children.

Conway said the new division will not cost taxpayers additional money at this point. Six investigators from other divisions in his office will be assigned to the new one.

The division also will begin training law enforcement officials throughout the state on how to handle evidence taken from computers and cell phones.

And the division will educate parents and others on how to keep children safe from cyber predators.

“(Parents) want to watch who they (their children) are running with and they are running online,” he said.

Conway said his eventual goal is to create a lab in his office to process evidence taken from computers and cell phones.

Kentucky State Police and the FBI currently do that for local law enforcement agencies but can take up to a year to finish the work, he said.

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