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Cyber crime: The global battle

Date: June 05, 2008
By: Nick Heath

Police forces worldwide are mobilising to tackle the estimated $104bn global cyber crime menace but money, manpower and expertise varies wildly from country to country, with the UK's response being attacked by politicians, police chiefs and business leaders for failing to provide centralised reporting and intelligence. explores how countries around the world fight e-crime and what lessons the UK could learn from countries like the US where the FBI co-ordinate the national cyber crime response at every level.

The approaches of Australia, India, the UK and the US range from specialist national bodies dedicated to tackling major investigations, such as Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency, to expert-led citywide cyber crime units in India.

The breadth of the international cyber crime-fighting arsenal highlights ways in which the UK's cyber defences could be bolstered, as called for by's e-Crime Crackdown campaign.

The campaign has received backing from the Metropolitan Police, Conservative Party, a former White House cyber security adviser, blue chip FTSE100 companies, the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), UK payment industry body Apacs and other corporate IT security chiefs.

Acpo and the Metropolitan Police Service are waiting to see if the Home Office will grant 1.3m in start-up costs for their proposed Policing Central E-crime Unit, which would co-ordinate cyber crime investigations by local forces nationwide.

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