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April Top 10 Viruses

Date: May 05, 2005
Source: Sophos

"During the month of April, several older viruses maintained their spot on the chart," said Gregg Mastoras, senior security analyst at Sophos. " The Zafi family of viruses accounted for more than 50% of all the viruses reported to Sophos this month. It could be that many of these worms were able to spread in multiple languages, therefore catching some users off guard. Users should always be suspicious of unsolicited email in any language and they must ensure that they keep their virus protection up to date."

According to the report compiled by Sophos Labs, the last month's top 10 viruses was as follows:

PositionLast monthVirusPercentage of reports
2 2W32/Netsky-P20.6%
33W32/Zafi-B 4.5%
5 6W32/Netsky-Z2.5%
67W32/Netsky-B 2.4%
8 8W32/MyDoom-O1.2%
99W32/Netsky-C 1.1%

"Mytob-Z was discovered in mid April and was the only new virus this month to make the top ten even though there were fewer reports on this virus in comparison to others," continued Mastoras. "Mytob-Z, which spreads quickly, drops a backdoor Trojan horse that can be used by remote hackers to gain access and control over a victim's computer. The computer can then be spied on or used to send spam or launch denial of service attacks."

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