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Arrested for distributing child porn over the Internet

Date: March 05, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

A 41-year-old El Dorado Hills man was arrested on distribution of child pornography charges after policemen seized video from his home showing he engaged in sexual acts with his daughter who was only 2-months-old. Officers believe the infant is one of the youngest sexual assault victims they have ever encountered.

Larry Michael Jeffs was charged of engaging in sexual acts with his infant child, now 8-months old.

Jeffs also placed computer images of himself molesting the child in the Internet, where they were detected during Operation Predator. Agents traced images recovered during an ongoing investigation in Detroit to Jeffs' e-mail. Jeffs is currently being held at the Sacramento County Jail.

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If convicted, pedophile faces a maximum sentence for distributing child pornography and production of child pornography involving a parent of 50 years in prison.

Police seized computer equipment, a digital camera, and infant's clothing and bedding during search in Jeff's home.

This operation held in Detroit is an ongoing initiative to combat child sexual predators worldwide. Since Operation Predator started in July of 2003, police has made more than 2000 arrests only in the US.

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