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Massive phishing attacks on eBay

Date: January 05, 2006
By: Iain Thompson

Popular online auction site eBay was the target for 96 per cent of all UK phishing attacks in December, according to security specialists Fortinet.

Fraudsters seem to have anticipated the Christmas rush to use eBay to buy presents - and sell unwanted ones - and are targeting eBay users in a widespread assault.

Guillaume Lovet, Threat Response team leader at Fortinet, said: "One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money on the internet is setting up an auction on eBay for a [bogus] item, cashing the money, then disappearing.

"However, your account is likely to be closed because of the buyer complaints. You could create a new one but people generally do not buy an expensive item from a brand new account. Hence the value of stolen eBay accounts."

Fortinet also reported that the Sober worm topped the virus charts in December, with over half of all infections attributed to the 'AD' variant.

But in more worrying news the company found that one in 20 MMS messages sent via mobile phone were infected with the Commwarrior virus, suggesting that this malware may be more widespread than first thought.
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