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Internet check scam

Date: October 04, 2007

On Oct. 4, Belinda K. Sweetin of Goldendale was indicted by a Sherman County Grand Jury for first-degree theft by deception of more than $1,000.

The indictment stemmed from an Aug. 16 complaint to the Sherman County Sheriff’s office, according to a report from Sheriff Brad Lohrey. A woman from New York said she had been the victim of an Internet scam. Investigation by Deputy John Terrel revealed that Sweetin had agreed to buy items on Craig’s list.

Sweetin then allegedly forged checks for more than the cost of the item and convinced sellers to send her the change via Western Union. Sweetin admitted picking up money in Oregon and Washington as many as 17 times and sent forged checks to as many as 250 people throughout the United States. Numerous victims were involved, the report said.

“This type of scam is common place on the Internet and sellers of items on the Internet should educate themselves so that they don’t fall victim to these types of scams,” Terrel said.
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