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Digital signature to fight spam e-mails

Date: October 04, 2006

Spam is putting a huge dent in the value of e-mail. The widespread and implicit trust in the use of e-mail as a business and personal communications medium is being steadily undermined by burgeoning unwanted commercial messages (spam) - a situation that seriously needs to be addressed by businesses providing e-mail-based services.

“We have had to find ways of restoring the high levels of trust in this most pervasive of technologies and to re-instate it as the wonderful tool that it is,” says Mike Wright, CEO of international electronic messaging specialist, Striata.

“Fortunately there are many bright, committed people and organisations worldwide who are working on solutions that will ensure that spam levels are significantly reduced. It is a huge task, particularly when it is realised that in the US alone, 55% of the total population use e-mail on a daily basis.
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