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Discussion : Plan to stop access to child porn sites

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2009-09-27 23:42:43 -
how to step or stop a making and digitally distributing child pornography

2005-11-09 08:46:51 -
I would like to get some sort of password to stop children using these sites

2005-09-02 08:51:11 -
Your blog is very interesint

2005-06-09 02:24:08 -
Great Idea if it would work. However, i think they are for getting the facts. To be able to block access to a illegal web-site the police have to first no about it. There are proberly millions of links out there that have child porn at the end of them.

I idea is good but im sorry to say it wont work. Hey why block a site anyway? i mean, umm why not, well shut these sites down instead? humm ... Better option i think.

There are many ways around this blocking system anyway.
First i dont think every ISP would go for it, for starters. So you get loads of pedos signing up to that ISP that will not block them access. The ISP would be happy, hey there getting more members and more members = MONEY.

2. Websites www. addresses stay the same however you can access a website via its IP address, and the sites could change there IP address daily if they wanted to. The BLOCK list could not keep up.

3. If someone used a proxy server they could also get access to the 'BLOCKED SITES'.

4. The sick minded people can set-up free anony yahoo,msn,smartgroups groups and share there sick files there. They could hide behind password protected sites.

5. And even if this 'BLOCK LIST' worked which it wont, but what about (peer 2 peer software)P2P? Not even ISP'S can block access to these.

And there are many more ways to 'side step' this so called 'block list'.

What about banning known pedo's from using the internet and computers? There are many counties that dont, and after they get out of jail they do it all again.


2005-02-04 21:25:55 -
I feel very sorry for you, Mikaela. You are latin-homophobic and pedophobic. Because you are so young, this is due to the manner in which you were raised. YOU BELIEVE WHAT THEY TOLD YOU. You may be fortunate to live for another 100 years and never think any different thoughts from what you have been told to think. You will be happy in believing their lies. On the other hand, you may one day realize that you believed lies, and form your own thoughts about the world. I suppose it is a question of what is important to you, enjoying happiness or championing Truth. The battle for Truth is a responsibility that many adults manage to shirk in favor of their own selfish happiness. You may be too young to understand the meaning of responsibility; or you may believe you have a responsibility to uphold the truth you have been taught, above any responsibility to the absolute Truth which may undermine the deception you accept. But never mind all that: it may be years before reality hits you, probably caused by some event in your later life entirely unrelated to this topic - if ever. Right now, perhaps you could ask yourself a question: why are you disgusted when "old men" look at you? Because they have no right to recognize that you are attractive? Perhaps only people your own age should be attracted to you? Perhaps "old men" should know better than to allow their feelings to be seen, or be better able to conceal them? Or perhaps they should know their proper place, and only be attracted to "old women"? After all, how can all people be equal, and yet some not be permitted to regard certain people as their equals - is it you that is "more equal" than they, or they who are more equal than you? If you are less equal, then at what age would you feel comfortable having your beauty recognized by men; and should it be acknowledged only by those your own age, as though an older man is not the equal of one younger? Maybe you could try wearing a hijab to keep those pesky men from looking at you; but if your problem is only with older men, then concealing your beauty will prohibit you from attracting those your own age, so why not make growing old illegal..after all "old men" are a problem, they are less equal, and possess fewer human rights than younger men.

Sue, please be extremely careful with those words you use: "To those who cite their 'civil and democratic rights', I say to you-YOU HAVE NO RIGHT..."


How would you feel if you took some photos of your own children, for your family keepsake album, and then were told that they are "child-porn" because your child in the picture is not sufficiently dressed or is improperly posed?
What is your definition of "child-porn"?
In the eyes of the laws of many countries, absolutely any picture of a child can be pornographic. You must be careful what you say. Pictures of naked people should be allowed, irrespective of their age, irrespective of the thoughts and motives of an individual who views them. The primary concern should be the circumstances under which the photograph was taken, and by whom, and not what it may or may not show. Child abuse is a cruelty and an injustice, but don't you think that branding someone who is not a child abuser as a "child pornographer" and "potential threat to children" is also a cruel injustice? Or are peoples' lives and reputations to be happily sacrificed right and left in order to protect children? If that is the case then we are allowing those children to grow up in a world where they will one day be branded as child abusers just because they take an innocent photo of their kids or because they looked at some picture on an website. This out of control paranoid pedophobia is destroying freedom and life today, in order to protect the freedom of future lives which will inevitably be destroyed in the future by the same fear. Nobody wins in the end, except the criminals making "child-porn" through an abusive, exploitative and harmful process, because they get rich and they get to have their fun; and it will be that way until "child-porn" can be produced in a non-harmful manner by non-abusive people in an industry which is taken out of the hands of criminals and placed in the hands of responsible and decent people. The only way to win is to remove the victims, because there is no way to remove the "perpetrators", not even by locking them all away, since the desire is a part of human nature, and it is latent in every human being just like homosexuality - not all people are homos and not all people are pedos, but given the correct circumstances, people will become homos and pedos; and the circumstances will always arise somewhere, sometime: it will never end, you will always be locking someone away.

2004-10-07 07:57:38 -
Child pornography would not exist if there were not a perpetrator and a victim. These children are re-victimised when their images are distributed and viewed.

There can be no 'sitting on the fence' as far as child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation are concerned. Either you are completely against it, or you condone it. The production, distribution and possession of child pornography is a crime, and a heinous crime at that.

I see any moves by authorities to block access to child pornography as a move in the right direction. To those who cite their 'civil and democratic rights', I say to you-YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PRODUCE, DISTRIBUTE OR VIEW CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!

2004-10-06 07:04:31 -
my personal opinion on this topic of child porn is sickening! how can some people have this kind of sick fetish for child porn!!! i'm 16, and i feel discasted when i walk down a street and old men look at me, not a casual look either, it's a full on stare! personaly, IT'S SICK

Total 7 comments
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