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Discussion : Computer crimes: international prospects

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2007-10-30 05:56:04 -
in 2005 - 06, I connected with Angela linda andani
This is a good storyteller and I wanted to know everything about her way of doing
I have not lose money, but she ask many strange questions. The way of her doing has not only effect me, but many others I saw today in the internet.
If you are interesting I can send copy of the correspondense, I think, still have 2 photograps of her

with friendly

Hans e Groot
[email protected]

2005-09-23 14:23:42 - LI
Hi, I just would like to inform that I also received the same email offering the same amount of money from the same Angela Linda Andani.

2005-09-08 18:04:39 -
hi ser i take 1 leterrs from this person angela lenda andani with ofert too transfer 15 million dollars in my acount for investmemt

2005-08-13 17:02:47 -
I am currently investigating a computer crime that involves requested money from a women claiming to be LINDA ANGELA ANDANI. she has requested money to pay for a storage bill so she can get millions of dollars out that have been placed in storage. its a wild shot but the email is generated from Abidjan Yamoussoukro

Total 4 comments
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