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Multi-layered defence to protect from cybercrime

Date: July 04, 2007

In the fight against cybercrime, companies are moving towards multi-layered defence of information resources, also referred to as defence in depth, says Dr K. Rama Subramaniam, an information security professional specialising in cybercrime management and CEO of Valiant Technologies, which provides consulting and training services in the areas of information security and digital forensics.

Speaking to Business Line on the gravity of the problem and the challenges that keep popping up with alarming regularity, he said that the use of strong technological defences, coupled with well-orchestrated policy-driven controls supported by clear demonstration that the company takes security seriously, are the best way to minimise the occurrence of cybercrime.

“There are, of course, technology-driven measures, but these are the first layer of defence. A single layer of defence is a thing of the past. The most important thing for organisations is to realise the need to sensitise employees on various processes and procedures to be adopted to enhance security levels in the enterprise.”
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