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Discussion : Symantec sued in China

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2007-06-06 21:12:15 -
Americans should take action against the incompetent security companies - McAfee and Syamntec. 3 years ago my computers tooks a McAfee update which created numerous problems on my machines. WellsFargo was impaceted as well as numerous others.

Customer Service at McAfee charged $25.00 to lie and say it was not there problem. I demanded a refund and got it as well as a refund for my subscription.

McAfee's software can indentify a virus exists compared to Symantec which typically shines over new viruses. Unless it is one Symantec released themselves.

Symantec has other issues such as even after deinstall, symantec has blocked compputers from visiting other anti-virus vendors. One must scrub the registry to rid a computer of the ""Symantec Virus". Why no one has not sued this slime before,, beats me.

Congragulations China. It appears they have stronger consumer protection laws than we do!!!

Total 1 comments
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