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Turkish and Russian hackers

Date: June 04, 2007

Turkish and Russian computer hackers who stole money from people’s bank accounts by spreading a virus that reveals users’ internet banking details are being rounded up in Istanbul and other provinces throughout the country. It has been revealed that the gang of hackers, consisting of 23 people, stole 10 million YTL using this method.

The Istanbul Financial Crimes Unit teams started investigating following a complaint that money had been transferred from a person’s bank account without their knowledge and consent. Police learned that the hackers were able to determine bank account details by sending an e-mail virus to their intended victims. After, the hackers emptied their bank accounts. Police learned that Serhiy Andrusyak, a Ukrainian citizen, had tampered with some of these accounts, but were unable to trace his whereabouts because he used different IP addresses to perform the transactions.
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