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Hackers get into all computers

Date: June 04, 2006

The hacking of two public school computer systems in the past three weeks is a warning for computer users everywhere, cybercrime investigators said.

"Data is a commodity," said Don Blake, a computer expert for the National Education Association in Washington.

Hackers can get into all computers, but users can make access more difficult for them by frequently updating their protective measures.

He suggested that parents and teachers invite their community to have ownership of a school's Web site.

"Set expectations for the kids. Tell them what this is, what it means to them and what would happen if it's hacked," he said.

Blake suggested that districts get students and parents to sign voluntary pledges to not to access pornographic sites on school computers.

The Plum Borough School District's system was breached May 20 or 21, with the hacker leaving a brief message announcing the intrusion. No apparent harm was done. Although the Web site is back online, some links remain to be reconstructed.
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