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Computer virus-infected cats

Date: May 04, 2007

Computer virus-infected cats, "spychipped" $20 bills, fashion police to use RFID, passport-triggered bombs, RFID a hazard to US ports -- which one of these is a bogus article? And which, if any, has any real merit? And how much?

Not sure? Then maybe you should check with the authoritative source on all things RFID: AIM Global.

While the above "stories" may make great headlines in the tabloids, they're embarrassing in respectable media. Consider these instead: RFID secures US ports, RFID saves elderly patient who's wandered off, RFID to protect coal miners, RFID ensures emergency evacuation, RFID tire pressure monitors help prevent roll-overs. Given the chance, the real news about RFID can also provide compelling human interest headlines -- they're just not such great tabloid fodder.
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