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Phishing hits bank's customers

Date: May 04, 2006

A scam sent through WebMail last week, targeting the UA campus, has prompted police and university officials to warn about giving away personal information online.

The night of April 20 an e-mail was sent to almost all UA e-mails and said the recipient's DM Federal Credit Union account access had been suspended. The e-mail asked customers to go online to restore their accounts, said Eugene Mejia, University of Arizona Police Department spokesman.

The e-mail was a phishing scam, which is the use of hijacked corporate logos and deceptive e-mails to lure personal information from unsuspecting victims.

The information, usually credit card numbers, bank account information or Social Security numbers, is then used to commit fraud.

The Center for Computer Information and Technology discovered the e-mails did not originate from DM Federal Credit Union, although they contained logos and identifiers stolen from the company's Web site.
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