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Government has underestimated cyber-crime threat

Date: April 04, 2008

The government has dangerously underestimated the threat posed to the UK from cyber criminals, according to the Conservative party.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said to a law enforcement conference that the government's closing of the High-Tech Crime Unit two years ago was "absurd".

He told the conference organised by Microsoft that the risks of cyber-crime in the UK were "serious, strategic and long term".

"The stark reality is that the looming threat of cyber-crime, to the average citizen, to business and to government dwarfs our state of readiness," he said.

If elected, the Tories intend to re-establish a dedicated 'e-crime' police unit along with creating a cyber-crime minister in government.

The government has said that it doesn't believe e-crime is prevalent in Britain and that it is reluctant to burden the IT industry with heavier regulation, the BBC reports.

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