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Christians call for national boycott of Student RFIDs

Date: April 04, 2005
Source: press release
By: Marc Allan - Publicist of American Chapter

San Diego, CA – A Christian group named The Resistance is calling for a nation-wide boycott to Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) currently being implemented in American schools as student tracking devices. Christians across the country have been voicing opposition to the use of such devices since they were first implemented, but this marks the first time an official nationwide boycott has been announced. “We are calling upon all parents and all students to stand up and refuse to accept this technology in their schools.” says Conner, author of The Resistance Manifesto. “We can’t allow this beastly system to be forced upon our children.” he concludes.

The Resistance has gained world wide press with their campaign to resist the New World Order and the “elements of the Beast system” including the installation of facial recognition biometric cameras on public streets across America. The Resistance is known for their publication, The Resistance Manifesto, a book calling for the galvanization of Christians to fight the New World Order. The manifesto includes an in depth analysis of the history of RFID’s and the threats to privacy their use contain. Included are specific strategies and tactics for resisting these devices from being imposed in private and public sectors. The VeriChip will rapidly substitute credit and debit cards as well as traditional forms of identification around the world, and privacy concerns and alternatives to these devices must be addressed. The Resistance Manifesto is a shocking analysis of the Satanic influences and practices in every facet of society from the main stream media, to the private practices of the American elite. It is a blueprint of the organization’s objectives, goals, membership requirements, and outlines a detailed analysis of end times prophecy.

Founder of The Resistance and author of The Resistance Manifesto, John Conner says, "We are simply a group of Christians who analyze all facets of infrastructure, ideology, and technology involved in the New World Order, and the invasion of RFIDs carry enormous threats to privacy and many other security concerns. These devices are not a cure-all to security as touted by their manufacturers and supporters."

Conner with legions of others have been speaking at churches and Bible studies for years, bringing awareness to the Orwellian influences in America and the New World Order. "What much of secular America doesn't understand is many Christians take these things very seriously. Due to editorial and political censorship our voices are often stifled." He says.

We refuse to be turned into pieces of inventory by RFID’s. With the release of VeriChip, the Pandora's box of the Mark of the Beast, and the world rapidly advancing towards a one world governed, cashless, privacyless world, it is time to stand together. The Resistance calls upon formal organization through legislation and PAC's to sustain our spiritual rights while balancing our civil ones. We will not accept VeriChip, nor advanced GPS tracking devices such as ‘Digital Angel‘.

A history of The Resistance, and an outline of the lifetime commitments of it's members and it's global goals, spanning generations is also included. It is difficult to conclude how many members The Resistance has, due to the fact that there is no central leadership, official member roster, and many members have maintained anonymity to non members.

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