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Kama Sutra hits hardest in India

Date: February 04, 2006
By: Kounteya Sinha

The Kama Sutra is giving computer professionals across the world sleepless nights. But not in the way you think.

A computer virus, scheduled to strike on February 3, Kama Sutra will corrupt documents with the most common file types, including doc, pdf and zip files.

And here's the bad news: India will be the most affected.

Speaking to The Times of India , managing director of Centre for Anti Virus Technology, Pune, Kailash Katkar, said: "This virus first emerged on January 16. It has already crashed 300,000 computers across the globe. However, its worst effect will be felt on February 3. We feel the virus specially targets computers with the Norton anti-virus software. That puts India, Peru and Italy, where this software is used in abundance, in grave risk. The only way people can save their files is by updating their anti-virus software before February 3."

Also known as CME-24, MyWife or BlackWorm, the virus’ main purpose will be to destroy all Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint documents and Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop files on all hard drives connected to an infected PC.

Besides disabling anti-virus softwares, Kama Sutra will also raid address books to find e-mail addresses to send itself to.

Microsoft has issued an advisory, warning people about the worm, which affects most versions of its Windows operating system.

The virus will spread by making people open attachments on e-mail messages that are infected with the destructive code.
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