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Russia & US searching for root causes of terrorism

Date: February 04, 2005
Source: Rian Novosti
By: Arkady Orloff

Both Russia and the United States deem it important to expose the root causes of terrorism and its ties with different forms of worldwide religious extremism, Valentin Sobolev, Deputy Secretary of Russia's National Security Council, told RIA Novosti.

It is important that we find terrorism's root causes, Sobolev noted. Russian and US scientists have agreed to cooperate in this field, Sobolev stressed.

In his words, joint Russian-US efforts aiming to expose cultural, ethnic and social root causes of extremism are supported by the chiefs of national academies of sciences. This subject was noted by them in a joint cooperation agreement.

Sobolev is attending a conference (that involves Russian and US experts and scientists) on joint anti-terrorist operations and scientific exchanges in the US capital.

A three-year cooperation agreement in the field of scientific, engineering and medical studies was signed during the conference by the Russian Academy of Sciences and three US national academies.

Among other things, this document stipulates consultations between Russian and US expert communities on preventing acts of terrorism and reducing their consequences.

Russian and US academies will also expand their program for studying ethnic conflicts and religious extremism. And they will crack down on cyber-terrorism, as well.

The Russian-US agreement stipulates cooperation between scientists in ensuring the safety of nuclear materials and in studying various aspects of biological security, too.

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