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Online shopping fraud warning

Date: December 03, 2007

Consumers have been issued with a stark warning on Wednesday to be wary of fraud as they shop online this Christmas.

According to Call credit, the United Kingdom's consumer credit reference agency, more than 27 million people are expected to shop online for gifts this winter, spending a record 14 billion pounds (over 28 billion U.S. dollars) via the internet.

The credit report provider warns that such high levels of online shopping could lead to a high amount of resulting identify theft.

Owen Roberts, fraud expert at Call credit, said many consumers are using their credit cards to fund their festive spending, with an average Christmas cost of 620 pounds each among those without children.

He called upon consumers to take steps to protect themselves from fraud, commenting that they would not leave their wallet open while shopping on the high street.

Call credit said consumers should ensure their computer's anti-virus software is up-to-date and check websites are authentic before entering their details.
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