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Chechen separatist Web site resumed the operation.

Date: December 03, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation requested clarifications from officials of Lithuania concerning the resuming operation of the Chechen separatist Web site “Kavkaz Center” in the country. ¬ęThe position of Russian Federation concerning this web-site and our attitude towards its work are well known to Lithuanian party”, - Department of Foreign Affairs official statement says.

The web-site Kavkaz Center resumed operation in Lithuania after the decision of the Second District Law Court of Vilnius. The decision removed а restriction on the web-site’s activity on the territory of Lithuania. As is known, the web-site is hosted by ISP Elnet, and the national communication operator Lietuvos Telekomas unblocked IP-address of the server that hosted the “Kavkaz Center”.

Vilnius Court decided there were no restrictions for operating “Kavkaz Center”. The web-sites owners did not break the law.

Let’s recall that the web-site was blocked on 18 September by the Department of Homeland Security and Government of Lithuania. The hearings on the legality of these actions are assigned on 17 December.

However, the browsing of “Kavkaz Center” results to connection with Swedish ISP “Port80”, which hosted the web-site earlier. Also, it is rumored the web-site was hosted in Finland for a certain time.
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