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The Privacy Council Launches: 'Together We Can End SPAM, Junk Mail and Unsolicited Phone Calls'

Date: October 03, 2008
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

The formation of a Global Privacy Council designed to set firm standards around online privacy has been announced today. In addition to bringing together industry leaders to protect personal privacy on the Internet, The Privacy Council provides a low-cost service for individuals who wish to be removed from the major junk mail, telemarketer and SPAM email lists. The Privacy Council's website also publishes regularly updated articles about the latest personal privacy and security issues.
Junk mail destroys roughly 100 million trees per year, and it's estimated that 44% of junk mail is thrown away without being opened. In addition, the majority of emails sent today are unsolicited marketing emails (SPAM). For these reasons, The Privacy Council's list-removal service appeals to everyone from the environmentally conscious to those who simply want to clean up their email inboxes.
The Privacy Council is a joint venture of Yovia and HD Publishing Group, two Florida-based marketing companies. As marketers, these companies sought to take the lead in the movement toward reducing unwanted emails, phone calls and junk mail. They also understand the need to educate the public about privacy and security issues.
The Privacy Council is currently seeking marketers to aid in the fight against unwanted paper, telephone and online solicitations. For more information on how to join The Privacy Council, email [email protected] or call (904) 242-2669 x 101.
HD Publishing:
Since 1996, HD Publishing Group has been pioneering data-based people search products on the web. As aggregators of more than 3.1 billion public records, HD Publishing understands the value and necessity of personal privacy. The Privacy Council was founded by HD Publishing, on the premise that people deserve a way to control the phone calls, emails and junk mail they receive.
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