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Easy steps, computer viruses and other problems

Date: October 03, 2007

We've all seen the clichéd image of a student freaking out as his term paper is somehow deleted from his hard drive the night before it is due, and all of us who deal with computers have had our fair share of troubles. With so much of college life depending on the use of computers, technology failures can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the basic problems that can afflict your computer.

Update regularly:

Make sure that you have a firewall and anti-virus program installed on your computer and that you are using the newest versions of all your software. Update your software regularly; you can set your computer to automatically install updates on a daily basis. For anyone using Student Technology Services, a free version of Symantec Corporate Edition is available for download at Symantec monitors and protects against viruses and computer threats like spyware or adware.

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