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Citizens Bank warns of fraud emails "phishing" for victims

Date: October 03, 2004
Source: Mooresville/Decatur Times

MORGAN COUNTY – Citizens Bank, Mooresville would like to inform the public about the fraudulent e-mails in circulation using a Citizens Bank name and logo similar to theirs, according to Shelley Ferrand, security officer for Citizens Bank in Mooresville.

The Citizens Bank (located on the East Coast) mentioned in the e-mail did not originate it. The e-mail is fraudulent and uses this legitimate business name and logo.

Ferrand said the fraudulent e-mail is a scam called “phishing.” These attacks used spoofed e-mails and fraudulent Web sites (designed to look legitimate) to fool the recipient into releasing personal and banking information. These attacks are not directed at a particular individual or group of individuals, but are sent out to thousands of unsuspecting e-mail accounts.

How did they get my e-mail address?

A Citizens Bank release said there are many sources. Some companies you may have had dealings with sell their mailing lists to third parties, spammers and thieves included. Robots are also used to scour the Internet and harvest any e-mail addresses that they may find. If you post to newsgroups or use chat rooms you are also at the risk of spammers picking up your e-mail address and sending you junk e-mail. If you respond to junk e-mails, pass chain e-mails, or use e-post cards, you are at risk because these are all ways of securing e-mail addresses.

Ferrand said Citizens Bank, Mooresville, Indiana, does not sell customer information to third parties. Under no circumstance will the bank send you an e-mail requesting your bank information. If you receive a message requesting any personal or banking information, do not respond. Delete the message immediately.

If you believe you are a victim of a fraudulent e-mail that has requested your personal and/or banking information, you can file a complaint at Also, notify your financial institution immediately.
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