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Discussion : Child porn

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2005-08-25 19:47:00 -
good page

2004-12-22 04:56:59 -
The fundamental problem in this issue lies in the obvious fact that any, even the most academic, discussion of a seemingly 'inherent' issue such as paedophilia (if this variant spelling is correct) is such a taboo that even the mention of this title seems to offend and detract from the seriousness of the study. i would appreciate any willingness from any open-minded intellectual (/human being) that will help anybody else in a search to define the (-possibly religous) (morality(?)-)) pyschology behind lust for children. it seems an innocuous and obvious reason - anti-nature - but when one thinks hard, it becomes more complex. Any correspondance, no matter how seemeingly irrelevant, will help me. Also, any other academics on any other related theme can find me on (the more than slightly juvenile e-mail address): [email protected] i will guarantee a response.

2004-08-11 08:55:03 -
This is where unity of nations need to conform to a universal set of rules and laws governing child pornography with a set of minimum penalties. Getting this done is the question? What about non UN members? How does one start the process? Child pornography is a major business now with assets over billions of dollars a year while exploiting the youths of every country.
We need to start somewhere unifying laws worldwide and how to do this is the question? I am open for any suggestions on how to get the ball rolling.

Total 3 comments
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