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Spam scam on iPhone

Date: July 03, 2007

Looks like it is not just Apple that is set to benefit from iPhone hype, spammers are doing their best to get in on the action too, according Secure Computing researchers.

Enterprise security company, Secure Computing is warning of a new spam scam with an email containing the message: "Congratulations, you have won a new iPhone from our store!"

This message links to a malware-downloading website, where those that fall for it are immediately bombarded with more than 10 ActiveX vulnerabilities that attempt to gain access to install a malicious payload —including the MSODataSourceControl vulnerability that Secure Computing Corp. said it warned users about just two weeks ago.

The website is tracking visitors on the site and then redirecting repeat visitors to a different, clean webpage in efforts to thwart security researchers as well as using XOR encryption to obfuscate the attack, the company said.
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