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Fury at terror suspect's bail

Date: June 03, 2004
Source: Sydney Morning Herald
By: Ellen Connolly, Les Kennedy and Cynthia Banham

Australian police have objected to bail for suspected terrorist Bilal Khazal, 34, a former baggage handler for Qantas, on the grounds that he helped another accused terrorist, Saleh Jamal, escape to Beirut, Lebanon, after he posted bail.

Mr. Khazal is charged with collecting or making documents likely to facilitate terrorism after he published an Arabic book online entitled "Provision in the Rules of Jihad - Short Wise Rules and Organisational Structures that Concern every Fighter and Mujahid Fighting against the Infidels".

Mr. Khazal's lawyers say his arrest was politically motivated and that Mr. Khazal only cut and pasted material from other websites, and took down the material after he was notified by police. Police say the material was compiled from many sources, including Mr. Khazal's own writing.

Mr. Khazal has been accused of links to al Qaeda in a report from the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). If convicted, Mr. Khazal faces fifteen years imprisonment.

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