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Discussion : FraudWatch warns of the escalation of Internet fraud

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2009-02-12 09:59:46 -
Hard to believe there are still people stupid enough to become involved in the lottery fraud. Oh... I forgot: They voted Bush into office TWICE! I guess there really are idiots out there.

2005-11-14 16:29:44 -
it's sad that people are that thirsty for peoples hared earned incomes. They tried to get me too with the lottery scam and even told me my paypal account was in jeopardy, just to get access to my information. Sorry, im smarter than have to wake up real early to fool a person like me.

2005-09-16 23:33:43 -
Your site is realy very interesting!

2005-09-03 11:25:54 -
This site is very genuinely good to catch the fraud.

2005-09-02 00:12:33 -
Very nice blog.

2004-05-08 05:09:43 - Mary
How crazy is grace to keep sending them money, when she knew that she did not enter a sweep stakes or anything. Just wondering. It was pretty stupid!!!

Total 6 comments
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