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Date: May 03, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

April 22, a research held by GfK-USM company by request of Coalition for Intellectual Property Rights (world public authority devoted to strengthen copyrights) was published.

Studies showed that 55.2% of enterprises do not have computer facilities, 26.6% are equipped with 1-5 computers, 10.9% - from 6-30, 3.9% - from 30 to 100 and only 3.5% of enterprises have more than 100 of computers.

Therefore the most computerized sphere is financial (1.6 of employees per 1 computer ), governmental (3,2) and companies rendering realty and other services to other enterprises (7.0). Less computerized are sphere of public health and social aid (78.9), hotels and restaurants (48) and extraction industry (46.6). According to the State Committee of Statistics, on average there are 13.8 employees per 1 computer in Ukraine.

A research is based on the processing and the analysis of information given by the State Committee of Statistics, and also results of experts' survey, experts' discussion and telephone interrogation of 514 accidentally picked firms, authorities and organization in Ukraine. All data was extrapolated to the total amount of companies in Ukraine.

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