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Delhi police gear up to fight cyber crime

Date: April 03, 2008

Cyber crimes may have been virtual, but a menace nevertheless. And with work and leisure being dependent more and more on Internet, the passwords are not safe enough.

It may already be on the fingertips of the hacker.

But there is hope. Delhi police are now upgrading its cyber skills, all to keep the dangerous geeks away.

The incidents of cyber crime have created lot of troubles for the people. South Delhi businessman Amit's email account was hacked two years ago.

He lost vital personal data, including his sister's photographs. And not just that, he has received many prank calls from the hacker.

''I am living under constant fear. My email accounts have been hacked, I am facing threatening phone calls. And the police are still unable to catch him,'' says Amit.

Therefore, to help protect people like Amit, the Delhi police has sent its men to college to learn how to investigate cyber crime.

''Nowadays in the cyber crime, the investigating officer have to go through all the software details and form an evidence. This has to be done professionally and this course will help the officers,'' says Neeraj Kumar, Special Police Commissioner, Administration.

The course lasts for six weeks and includes 100 policemen - inspector as well as sub-inspector - and focuses on using technology to solve cases of cyber crime.

''It is a very good course. In the past, there have been many cases of cyber crime which we were unable handle smoothly. But with this course, our investigations will improve,'' says Rajesh Shukla, a sub-inspector who is taking the course.

So far in Delhi, the Economic Offence Wing of the Delhi police has handled cyber crime. But with this new course, the police administration hopes to make more officers competent in dealing with high-tech offences.

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