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The International scientific and practical conference "International cooperation in the struggle against cybernetic space crimes"

Date: April 03, 2006
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Denis Pankratov

18-19 of May 2006 Donetsk Law Institute LLU IA will hold the International scientific and practical conference “International cooperation in the struggle against cybernetic space crimes: the problems and ways of their solving”.

The aim of the conference:
The exchange of the experience of legal, organizational, staff and methodological provision of preventing of computer crimes; summering of results of theoretical investigations, practical experience.

The topic will be examines the following directions:
- The legal provision of the struggle against computer crimes;
- The examination of types and means of committing the computer crimes;
- The prevention of computer crimes;
- The technique of identifying , reporting , detecting and clearing up computer crimes;
- Technical aspects of clearing up computer crimes;
- The peculiarities of preventing the transnational computer crimes;
- The application of operative bodies in proving;
- The application of Interpol possibilities in preventing computer crimes;
- The training and re-training of the staff, the organization of the courses for improving the qualification;
- The perspectives of development the law enforcement structure of Ukraine directed to preventing computer crimes;

The employees of law enforcement agencies and other bodies which competence is linked with the computer crime prevention, researchers, postgraduates, cadets and students of the higher education establishments are invited to participate.

The working languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

The applications for participating in the conference are to be sent up to 20th of April 2006 to the address of the organizational body.
The Program of the conference will be completed on the base of the materials sent and given to the participants at the registration.

The requirements to the text arranging of the reports:
The volume of the materials – up to 6 pages
It is necessary to mention:
- the title of the report;
- the author’s name and surname;
- the author’s scientific qualification and the post.
- the list of the published works used.
The text is to be presented in two copies and printed on the disk or diskettes. The application is to be sent with materials. The materials of the report may be sent through e-mail.
The materials of the conference will be published.
Give the information whether you need technical devices for presenting your report computer Toshiba “Satellite”, LP InFocus, Panasonic VHS etc. Please, inform us whether you need them in the application form.

The information of the conference is located on the site:

The address of the organizational committee:
83054, Donetsk, Zasyadko str., 13,
Donetsk Law Institute
Of Lugansk Law University of Internal Affairs
Telephone : (0622) 57-45-72
Fax: (0622) 57-49-71
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

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