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UIA will prevent offence in the Internet

Date: March 03, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Administration of Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA) confirmed staff of the Committee on issues of security and preventing offences in information systems.

Main goal of the Committee lies in preventing misuses in information systems, news release reports. Committee activity will be aimed at protecting large amount of Internet market participants and their interests, including end users.

Within this framework Committee will carry out development of recommendations on conscientious use of the Internet and methods of Internet offences prosecution on the basis of current Ukrainian law. Besides Committee plans to develop information base on misuses in global computer networks, to summarize experience and to work out recommendations on selecting methods of technological protection in the Internet.

The Committee is formed of leading experts of UIA member companies and also other companies interested in its work. The Committee is functional division of the UIA administration and works on a voluntary basis.

Vitaly Zubok is at the head of the Committee, he is member of UIA administration, deputy director of "ElVisti" Information Center.

UIA was founded in November 2000. Members of UIA are Internet service providers, content projects' designers, owners of portals, equipment suppliers and mass media - nearly 70 companies. UIA renders Ukrainian Internet assistance to its development, coordinates co-operation of participants, popularizes, designs and implements the projects, aimed at improvement of Internet services functioning.

For the practical achievement of its aims in June 2001 UIA established Daughter Company "Ukrainian traffic exchange network". There are more than 60 participants in it. Many of them are companies from different regions of Ukraine. It helped them to minimize their expenses and to expand their business possibilities. Traffic exchange network is the pledge of stability of Internet market of Ukraine.

The following committees are working in UIA - technological, juridical and budget committee.Their tasks are preparation of proposals to documents of Supreme legislative body of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada), working out of projects for further implementation in the work of UIA.
In the year of 2001 UIA established Arbitration Tribunal. In accordance with ICANN demands only Arbitration Tribunal can decide arguments on domain questions. Arbitration Tribunal of UIA is the only one and acting on the territory of Ukraine, has its statues and arbiters.

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