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Date: February 03, 2006

In January, Sdbot.ftp was the malware most frequently detected by Panda ActiveScan, the free online antivirus solution. In addition to this malicious code, ranked first in distribution for the seventh month in a row, other visible threats on this monthly list include Metafile, in second place, and Tearec.A, in sixth place. With respect to spyware, occupies first place in the ranking.

During the first month of this year, Sdbot.ftp was responsible for 2.99 percent of infections. Then comes Metafile (1.99%), Sober.AH (1.30%), and Netsky.P (1.25%). The malware that follows these top threats -- Gaobot.gen; Tearec.A; Torpig.A; Qhost.gen; Alcan.A and Parite.B -- show frequency percentages of less than 1 percent.

Malware % frequency
W32/Sdbot.ftp 2.99
Exploit/Metafile 1.99
W32/Sober.AH.worm 1.30
W32/Netsky.P.worm 1.25
W32/Gaobot.gen.worm 0.90
W32/Tearec.A.worm 0.80
Trj/Torpig.A 0.80
Trj/Qhost.gen 0.76
W32/Alcan.A.worm 0.70
W32/Parite.B 0.61

The following conclusions can be drawn from the Top Ten ranking of the threats most frequently detected by Panda ActiveScan in January:

- Sdbot.ftp: seven months at the head of the ranking

Since July 2005, Sdbot.ftp has been the threat that has had most impact. This is a script used by certain malware specimens to download, via FTP, the Sdbot worm. It does this by exploiting several operating system vulnerabilities such as LSASS or RPC-DCOM.
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