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Focus on cyber crime

Date: January 03, 2008
By: Dan Schwind

Crawford said he signed up for classes primarily focusing on cyber crime and counterterrorism -- two of the biggest and fastest-growing challenges to police nationwide.

The cyber crime classes prompted Crawford to explore the feasibility of bringing a forensic computer analyst into the fold in Laurel.

"The Internet is used for so much now, and even criminals make major use whether to organize or communicate or run business," he said. "If you go inside with a warrant and find a computer and you can get into that computer, that really fortifies the case for the prosecution."

Crawford said he hopes to talk with neighboring cities about sharing a forensic computer analyst.

As for counterterrorism, Crawford said techniques can apply to local gangs as well as international groups.

"There's a lot of homegrown terrorism in the form of gangs," he said. "They pose a major danger to our families and homes and property, and definitely to our youth."

Using information from the seminar on how gangs are started and operate, Crawford said he plans more community outreach and involvement to prevent gangs from becoming a problem.

"Like anything, if you can identify it early, you have a good chance of succeeding in stopping it," he said.
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