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Inidian hacker gives some details

Date: July 02, 2006

NEARLY a month before Delhi Police’s Special Cell booked Ankit Srivastava, 26, for hacking into Airtel’s website to get phone details of 26 influential persons, he had handed over the details on a CD to Ghaziabad Police, a senior UP police officer said today.

Ghaziabad Police documents show that SSP Piyush Mordia received a complaint on May 30 from Srivastava, the son of the Agra Sales Tax Joint Commissioner. Mordia said he marked it for investigation to his Special Operations Group on June 3.

Srivastava said in his complaint that he was “being harassed by hackers who got my call details from Airtel”, and said the company did not act on his complaint. He claimed he “found a loophole in their website whereby you can access any mobile personal billing instruction and get it on your e-mail account”.

After trying this with his family’s other Airtel numbers, Srivastava exploited the same loophole to get phone details of 26 people, including that of Congress leader Ambika Soni and senior PMO and cabinet secretariat officials.

In his complaint, the 26-year-old who runs a factory in Ghaziabad urged police to “please take action under the IT Act against Airtel as personal information of customers is getting leaked due to their faulty software”.

“Our probe is still on. This man (Srivastava) came to me then with his laptop to show the loopholes in the Airtel website. The inquiry was marked. But now Delhi police have arrested him. He did it all in good faith though, and said he would file a consumer case,”said Mordia.
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