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Crime on the web

Date: June 02, 2006
By: Greg Purvis

Crime comes crawling in off the web, invading your house without breaking a window or picking a single lock. These are predators that are nearly as invisible as their entrance, and if they have their way it will remain something you never even know is going on. And just who is the victim? What is it these invisible online bad guys want from you?

Your bank account...your good name...and maybe your children. Internet-based crime is a growing threat in today's media-obsessed, instant-information society.

Scottsboro, like many small towns across America, has in recent years become a full-fledged member of the electronic world community. As with many products of Information Age technology, the internet is both blessing and curse.

On the positive side, the internet is an invaluable tool to teachers and students alike. It is an online link to a world of learning resources that was unthinkable a generation ago. Almost all professions have benefited from the near-instantaneous nature of email, and the ability of modern computer systems to form complex networks and handle vast flows of data. Of course, for all the technological marvels the internet provides, information is a two way street. As easily as you can purchase plane tickets or take part in an online auction, you can become a victim of the 21st century's newest crimes: identity theft and "electronic assaults" or "e-assault"privacy invasion.
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