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Discussion : Phishing scams: processing fees

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2006-05-27 20:16:30 -
Hey! I got the same check me thinking the check was real i went to the bank and cashed it since I called the "North American Commision House" and a man by the name of "Lawrence Taylor" he had assured that the check was real and that I should send him the processing fee to Toronto,Canada but no i decided to wait and check in the bank if the check was real and a week later they told me it was a fraud SO PLEASE ANY BODY WHO GETS THESE CHECKS FOR 100,000 DOLLARS BELIEVE ME IT'S JUST A FRAUD THEY WANT YOUR MONEY AND JUST BECAUSE THEY DO CASH THE FAKE CHECK AT THE BANK DOESNT MAKE THE CHECK REAL AND DONT SEND THE "PROCESSING FEES" THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!!

Total 1 comments
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