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Cyber-crime goes SaaS

Date: March 02, 2008

Security vendor Finjan has identified a website that allows users to access the secure .FTP sites of 8,700 organisations – including Fortune 500 companies and high profile websites – and inject malicious code with a few clicks of the mouse.

Along with the usernames and passwords for numerous FTP sites, visitors to the site were granted remote online access to an application called NeoSploit. This can inject a number of Trojans and other malicious code into a website’s underlying code, using so-called iframes.

The site has been compared to legitimate software-as-a-service applications such as in its design and modus operandi. The discovery illustrates the ease with which systems can now be compromised in order to steal identity information.

Authorities in Hong Kong, where the URL was registered, have now blocked the site, although it could easily re-emerge at another destination. According to Finjan, much of the text on the site was in Russian.

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