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New fraud in the Internet

Date: March 02, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saitarly

Be watchful receiving email from legal Internet companies with requests to provide personal and financial information.

Never give your credit card numbers, social insurance, date of birth, account numbers, phone numbers, address and even name. In order to provide such information you should contact with sender by phone and certain of legality of the letter.

Each day long swindlers "spam" thousands of users hoping that someone will fall into their traps.

New scheme of fraud successfully worked in the end of last week. Potential victim gets email saying that he has already bought a laptop for $3000. However the deal cannot be fulfilled because seller has some problems with the company delivering this item. So user is asked to call back supposedly made payment but at another website.

This website looks like original legal page of well known company - Jettis. This company is rendering services of online payments in the Internet. Victim is asked to input his/her name and data on credit card.

Jettis company attourney officially announced that in present time company is in close cooperation with authorities on purpose to establish the source of email distribution and swindlers identities. Experts believe that this site comes from somewhere in Eastern Europe.

For last few years spoofing became one of the most popular way of Internet fraud, meant for obtaining confidential information of users.

Experts advise to pay attention to these useful points before giving your personal data:

- email refers to non existing orders or other unknown to users information;
- grammatical errors in the text of email;
- absence of information on properties or name of the company owner;
- logo at site is not link to the main page of the company (eg Jettis' logo at the counterfeit page was not a link to their home page).

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