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$1,8 billion of counterfeit and pirated goods in 2006

Date: February 02, 2007
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

Calgary, Canada, Jan. 29 --- During 2006, the International Chamber of Commerce's BASCAP Intelligence Reports monitored 1,647 global incidents of intellectual property theft focusing exclusively on copyright and trademark infringement. A total value of US$1.9 billion was measured for seizures and losses from sources located in 92 countries. This represents an 11.4% increase in activity and a 21.2% increase in the total value of seizures and losses over the same period in 2005.

Analysis of this activity revealed links to a wide range of undesirable and violent activities which include drug use and trafficking, pornography, weapons and explosives, assaults, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, illegal immigration, murder, theft and terrorism. In addition, it is apparent that entities involved in this illegal trade are becoming highly organized, with investments in large inventories and equipment, sophisticated communication and transportation methods, and well defined organizational structures. These elements form the basis of organized crime and have facilitated the tremendous growth of the industry.

The massive scale of the trade can be understood by the nearly infinite variety of goods being produced and sold, which include entertainment and software, clothing, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, food and alcohol, cigarettes, jewelry and watches, to name a few. This impacts consumers, businesses and governments in the form of increased crime, health and safety concerns, the loss of business and tax revenue, and influences the social and moral fiber of society.
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