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5,400 people were nabbed in China for online porn in 2009

Date: January 02, 2010
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dr.Tabrez Ahmad

Purification of the Internet" and fighting of online crime are closely tied to any country's stability. Pornographic content seriously pollutes the online environment, depraves social morals and poisons the physical and psychological health of the masses of young people.

China plays a very effective role by pervasive policing of cyberspace and attempts to block the Internet are among the world's most stringent. To strengthen the Internet policing Nearly 5,400 suspects caught last year (2009) by Chinese authorities in a crackdown on online pornography. Nearly 9,000 pornographic Web sites have been deleted from the Internet and 5,394 suspects captured in 2009, although it did not clear that how many of them were formally arrested or charged. Many foreign sites have been blocked by China's Internet authorities, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other media and news Web sites. Main targets of its Web censorship are pornography, gambling and other sites deemed harmful to society. Critics, however, say that often acts as cover for detecting and blocking sensitive politicalcontent. Its restrictions of the Internet are often referred to as the "Great Firewall of China."

Efforts will be taken to focus on China-based operators of overseas-registered Web sites and companies that provide Internet services, or register domain names or rent virtual space to sites with pornographic content. The ministry also offered rewards to members of the public who provide useful information in policing efforts.


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