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Police, eBay unite to fight cyber crimes

Date: January 02, 2008
By: Anand Haridas

KOCHI: The Cyber Cell of the city police will soon score another point over their colleagues by working out an arrangement with eBay, the online shopping site.

This comes close on heels of the City Police getting exclusive tools from Orkut, the online community portal, to check cyber abuse. “The officials of eBay were contacted after an attempt to create a fake site imitating eBay was detected and foiled by the us,” said Manoj Abraham, City Police Commissioner.

This was for the first time that Kerala Police was getting help from eBay to counter cyber crimes related to online shopping. Millions of items are traded on the online platform of eBay every day across the globe.

The attempted fraud was to post a fake site, which resembled the original and dupe unsuspecting buyers. The police acted on a complaint lodged by a computer firm from which the fake site was created. The accused was yet to be traced.

The City Police had made a first of sorts when it entered into an agreement with Orkut to provide exclusive tools using which the Cyber Cell could remove profiles within 24 hours. “The session that we had with ICICI Bank on credit card-related offences was useful in helping officers of the force to establish a direct link with security personnel of the bank,” said Mr. Abraham.

Officials from Microsoft will organise a training session for police personnel in the City in February. “This session will equip the Cyber Cell with advanced tools for fighting cyber crimes, like password cracking and advanced surveillance. This will help to crack into suspected identities without leaving footprints. At present, the actions are mostly defensive with the force coming into picture only after a crime is committed. With advanced technology at hand, we can be more intrusive and this will be helpful in countering extremist activities,” he said.

Even though the exclusive training was being provided to Cyber Cell personnel, basic awareness was being given to all officers upwards of Circle Inspector’s rank.

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