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Nice deal but Internet scam

Date: December 01, 2007

Q Here is a nice scam that somebody is really trying hard to pull on me.

I have a vehicle for sale, and it is listed on the Web.

"Mr. Henessey" has been corresponding with me for a week or two.

He has agreed to my price and now wants to send me almost twice as much money in a cashier's check.

Then I deposit it and send the balance to someone else via Western Union and drop my truck off somewhere for delivery.

I was fairly certain this was a scam when the e-mails started, but this e-mail really stands out.

Kirk Squire
A You have an excellent scam antenna, Kirk. The cashier's check is worthless.

And thanks for sending the scam e-mail along.

This is a scary one because a lot of people fall for things like this.

Here is the e-mail that Kirk received from someone claiming interest in the car he was selling: "Kirk, just finished having some discussion about your vehicle with my client before he made a business trip out of the country.

"He has finally accepted to go on with the transaction and hopes the engine is in good condition; he can't wait to see the vehicle arrive at his home in the same condition as seen in the ad.
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