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Nigerians come back, internet lotto scam

Date: November 01, 2006

Police have warned the public to be wary of the latest scam that lures potential victims into believing they have won large pay-outs, only to have money stolen from them instead.

SAPS Director Phuti Setati said the police had received several complaints from people who had received the so-called “SA 2010 World Cup Bid Lottery” scam via e-mail and letters.
“Of late perpetrators are purporting to be from the local organising committee of the 2010 Soccer World Cup when luring potential victims,” Setati said.

But the modus operandi of the culprits was the same: a potential victim would be notified that he or she had won the lottery and should complete some forms online to claim the prize. In the process the person would disclose his or her personal details.

“Thereafter the victim will be informed of a procedure to claim the cash. Firstly an up-front payment will be requested before the rest of the cash is released,” Setati warned.
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